Early Years


We join Nursery at age 3 and some of us will turn 4 in the course of the school year. In Reception we are all 4 years old and some of us will turn 5 this year. In keeping with British regulations, both Nursery and Reception work together with our teachers. This means that because of our differing ages and rates of development, we are nearly always working in small groups, on projects and activities tailored specifically to the learning needs of our little group. Small-group learning helps us to grow in confidence and to develop good social skills.

Through our units of enquiry we have lots of fun learning about ourselves, our families, the world around us, and how we change and grow.

We learn mainly through English (80%) and our Catalan and Spanish teachers support and plan our programme together with our classroom teacher. Our teachers design many play-based activities with a specific learning objective. Play-based activities help us to develop creativity and independence in learning, as well as teaching us to negotiate, take turns and develop language.

In Mathematics we explore the world around us through colours, shapes and forms that we see every day. We sing counting songs and rhymes and play lots of games through numbers. We are constantly developing our understanding of mathematics through hands-on activities and structured play.

Our first steps in Literacy are made by listening to stories, singing songs, sharing experiences in circle time each day, and beginning to learn about the shapes of letters, the form our names take, and the names of our friends. Once again, we enter the world of writing in play-based situations and through role-plays, realising that mark-making and ‘pretend’ writing is really a precursor to our later standardised writing.

Painting, experimenting with textures, using play-dough and other media to make models, are all part of our ongoing creative activities. We learn how to share and play together using construction material, puzzles, games and fantasy play equipment.

Our physical education programme includes structured activities, which develop specific areas of our co-ordination and unstructured activities, where we get to explore materials ourselves.

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