Who We Are



Noreen Loughman

Noreen founded the school in 2007 together with Alan Roberts and has 33 experience in internation schools in Spain, the Netherlands and Switzerland. She holds a Masters Degree from the United Kingdom in Primary Education, specifically in curriculum design and developmental psychology.


Nikesh Pandya

Nikesh Pandya is the Assistant Director, Unicef Coordinator and Year 5 Class Teacher. He believes in a values based educational system accessible to everyone, no matter their background. His teaching and leadership beliefs promote frequent investigations into the self and the wider community to foster well grounded and open citizens of the world. Nikesh uses Philosophy as his main tool in creating both academic and emotional intelligence for all his students as well as a stimulating yet rewarding place of work for all staff. He is a keen sportsman who enjoys playing football, tennis and martial arts. In 2008 he successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for a local blind school in his hometown of Wembley, London.



Andrea Stylianou

Andrea is the Head of Primary and the  Year 6 class teacher. Andrea embarked on her academic career by completing a law degree in London, but on discovering her true vocation went on to complete her teacher training. Andrea has taught both Early Years and Key Stage 2 in London and Key Stages 1 and 2 at ISCAT. She enjoys using creative teaching methods to engage and motivate students in their learning. In addition, Andrea is a Drama specialist, and produces and directs our ISCAT shows. In 2013 Andrea ran the London marathon to raise money for CRISIS and has spent time volunteering in homeless shelters.


Emma Montgomery

Emma has been at ISCAT since 2003 and is class teacher for Year 4. As a trained Forest School Practitioner, Emma leads the ‘Forest School’ pedagogy across the school in Key Stage 4. In addition to this, Emma is also the Supervisor and Assessor of the Duke of Edinburgh Award programme. She comes from Liverpool, where previously she worked as Year 4 class teacher and Art Curriculum leader. Emma has an Honours Degree in Primary Education, with Sports Studies, from Liverpool Hope University. Prior to this, she trained as a professional dancer/dance teacher at Merseyside Dance and Drama College.

Petra Stehle

Petra is our Nursery & Reception teacher. She is of American/German nationality and is a qualified Early Years practitioner with a degree from the University of Vermont. In following the Early Years Foundation Stage programme, Petra uses a range of play and game-based strategies to motivate and challenge her students.

Andrea Pastor

Andrea Pastor is a qualified Primary Education teacher specialized in Special Educational Needs. She has a passion for the English language but she has also loved her time teaching Spanish to students in Richmond, UK. She strongly believes, that every child is capable to contribute not only to their personal achievements but also to help others do so in the life-long learning process.

Janki Patel

Janki is our Year 1 teacher and graduated from UAL with a degree in Illustration, and from the Institute of Education with a PGCE in Primary Education. Since then she has worked in the Early Years and in a Special Needs school in London. She is passionate about teaching with an outdoor and hands on learning approach, being involved with Forest School education in prior roles. She believes in the importance of combining a creative curriculum to engage learners from an early age.

Alex Straton

Alex is Year 2 teacher at ISCAT. She graduated from the University of Hull with a degree in Modern Languages (French, Spanish and Italian), and has international teaching experience. After 2 years of teaching English in South America, she returned to the UK to study her PGCE at Sussex University. She has taught for one year in the UK, after which she worked in an International School in Bucharest. Alex believes in a creative approach to teaching, where children are active agents of their own learning.

Sandhya Acharya

Sandhya is our Year 3 teacher and has qualified with a degree in Primary Education with a specialism in Music from the University of Roehampton in London. She has worked as a Year 2 teacher in London has a creative approach to teaching and learning. Sandhya believes that in order for children to be motivated learners, they should have the opportunity to explore ideas and concepts freely.

Aarti Pandya

Aarti comes from London and has taught across all Key Stages. She has a unique and much coveted Reading Recovery accreditation, which allows her to teach a specialised Literacy programme, focusing on emerging reading and writing skills. Aarti promotes a positive learning environment by motivating and inspiring children to achieve their full potential. She does this by creating positive learning environments based on a values system. Aarti leeds the SEN (Special Educational Needs) unit at ISCAT Primary.

Julie-Anne Mackenzie

Julie-Anne is Year 6W teacher and specialist in language learning. A native speaker of Scottish Gaelic and graduate in Hispanic Studies from The University of Glasgow, she specialised with post graduate study in education at The University of Strathclyde. She worked in Scotland as a teacher of Spanish, French and Scottish Gaelic, also developing interdisciplinary learning and The Duke ok Edinburgh’s Award. She is qualified outdoor expedition leader, DofE assessor and has begun a Masters in Education with a post graduate certificate in Philosophy with Children. Julie-Anne provides her class with dynamic, engaging and enjoyable lesson which encourage pupils to achieve to the very best of their ability in every aspect of school life.

Anna Font

Anna teaches Catalan and Spanish in Key Stage 2. She has a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from the University of Girona and a Masters Degree in Environmental Science. Anna is passionate about the teaching of Science and incorporates this in a transdisciplinary fashion in her language teaching. Anna has also worked and taught in Plymouth, England and in Sydney, Australia.

Meritxell Puig

Meritxell teaches Catalan and Spanish in Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Year 3. She has a degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Vic and a Masters Degree in Inclusive Education. She has teaching experience in Primary Schools, both in Catalonia and in the United States.



Nicholas Clark

Nicholas is class tutor for Year 11, Head of Secondary at ISCAT and a specialist in Science. On completion of his teacher training in Bath in 2009, Nick worked as a Science teacher and curriculum co-ordinator in London. He uses innovative methodology in all his classes, with a focus on student independence.


Warren Quinton

Warren is our Year 8 tutor and Head of English in Secondary. Warren is an English specialist with both British and international school experience. Warren holds a BA and a postgraduate teaching qualification in English. After a year working in the UK, he moved to Peru, where he worked for four years at an international school in Lima. He moved to Barcelona in September 2015 to study for his master’s degree in International Relations and is delighted to have the opportunity to work at ISCAT. He coordinates the English curriculum in the Secondary school as well as leading the after-school Debating Society. Warren (with his experience in international relations) leads the Unicef Rights Respecting Schools initiative in the Secondary school.

Ed Cousland

Ed is class tutor for Year 9. He is an Art and Design and Photography specialist. Ed completed his Art degree at Middlesex University in 2008, achieved his Qualified Teacher Status in Secondary Art and Design in 2013 and taught in London schools for 4 years. Ed has had his own work exhibited in London galleries and aims to guide and encourage his future students in channeling the ‘inner artist’. Create thought-provoking and high-quality pieces of art. Ed is also our Duke of Edinburgh Award Leader and works alongside Emma Montgomery, our Award Supervsisor and Assessor, in delivering this enriching programme.

Nelly Alfandari

Nelly is our Year 10 tutor and an English and Drama teacher at Secondary school level, joining ISCAT from London, where she has been teaching for 6 years. Nelly is specialised in working creatively with students with diverse learning needs. Her background as participatory theatre practitioner informs her approach to teaching and learning. Nelly is also working towards a professional doctorate (EdD) in Education and Social Justice.

Daniel Santillana

Daniel is the Secondary Mathematics teacher. He qualified at the University of the West of England (UWE), where he obtained a PGCE in Secondary Education. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and he also graduated from the University of the West of England (UWE) with BSc (Hons) Engineering, achieving a first class degree. Last year he finished a Master’s Degree in Digitally Mediated Learning Environments at Universitat de Barcelona (UB). He has taught Maths in Bristol, Nassau and Barcelona preparing students for GCSE and IGCSE. Daniel uses different types of resources in his lessons to give students experiences that are within their zones of proximal development, thereby encouraging and advancing their individual learning.

Scott Shepherd

Scott is our Key Stage 3 and 4 Geography teacher. He has a degree in Geography from California State University, Sacramento. Following his degree, he worked for the State of California as a Research Analyst (GIS) for 14 years. In this job, he employed his knowledge of geography in mapping projects like the Seismic Hazard Zonation Project. Scott developed a keen interest in maps, climate, and travel from an early age, and is passionate about teaching geography to our young generation of enthusiastic learners.

Ruby Frith

Ruby is class tutor for Year 7. She is a specialist in Humanities and Social Sciences. Ruby graduated from the University of Reading with a degree in Ancient History and Sociology. After completing Citizenship teacher training at London Metropolitan University, Ruby taught Psychology and Sociology in Key Stages 4 and 5 in Kent for two years. Prior to moving to Barcelona she taught English in Galicia and Andalusia. Ruby is passionate about engaging young people in the world around them through active and reflective teaching and learning. She also leads the Emotional Education programme in Secondary.

Judith Costa

Judith teaches Catalan in Secondary at ISCAT. Judith has a degree in Catalan studies from the University of Girona and has more than ten years experience teaching Catalan Language and Literature in both Primary and Secondary.

Eva Alfonso

Eva is Key Stage 3 and 4 Spanish teacher. Even though her first passion was theatre, after studying drama at La Escuela del Actor de Valencia, she was captivated by the English geniuses and did a Masters degree in English Literature and Linguistics at the University of Valencia. She then went to Plymouth and Exeter to do a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Modern Foreign Languages). Prior to joining ISCAT, Eva has been teaching Spanish and English as an Additional Language in a large school in North London.

Virginia Saavedra

Virginia holds a bachelor’s degree in Law from the Catholic University of Peru, and also worked as a teaching assistant for the university. A native Spanish speaker from Lima, she also speaks Portuguese and English, and is currenty learning Catalan. In her teaching, she looks to give students ownership over their learning, and to instil in them a love of the Spanish language. In creating a climate of dialogue in her classes, she seeks to build confidence in speaking.

Sarah Nichols

Sarah teaches French in Key Stages 3 and 4 and English Language in Year 7. She has 10 years teaching experience in schools and private tutoring. Prior to moving to Barcelona, Sarah lived in France, UK and the Netherlands. She is fluent in French and English and speaks Spanish and basic Dutch. Sarah is also a professional harpist and storyteller and performs in different venues around the world.

Erik Valencia

Teacher of violin, piano and music theory at the Granollers ‘Amics de la Unió’ School of Music and at the Municipal Music School in Llinars del Vallès. I studied music at the Granollers Conservatory and took master classes at Chicago, Paris and Barcelona, playing in both the Girona Youth Orchestra and the Amics de la Unió Chamber Orchestra.In addition to my music studies, I also graduated from the Pompeu i Fabra university in Barcelona with a degree in Political Science.

Xavier Maroñas

Xavier has a PhD in Computer Science from the “Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya”. As a professor at the university and following his career path, Xavier has used his extensive experience to introduce younger students to the digital world. He is the ICT teacher at ISCAT, where he teaches students with motivation and great vocation, transmitting his passion for computer science to new generations.

Tim Stewart

Tim teaches Physical Education at ISCAT across both the Primary and Secondary school. He is qualified in Sports Science by the INEFC in Barcelona from the University of Barcelona, and followed this up with a Masters degree in Primary, Secondary and FP training (specialising in Physical Education) from the University of Vic. With more than 10 years experience, Tim has himself participated in many regional and international competitions, achieving awards such as Catalan champion. He has worked as an athletics trainer for two years, training with a visually impaired athlete for competition. They have participated together in several championships worldwide including the 2016 para-Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.

Isaura Duran

Isaura has a degree in Psychology from the University of Barcelona. She specialises in Educational Psychology and in Child and Youth Psychology. Isaura attends ISCAT weekly working in co-ordination with the Special Needs Department, supporting teachers and families, and offering individual students support as necessary. Isaura leads the SEN Department in Secondary.


Sara Fernández

Sara has a degree in Business Studies from the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, having specialised in Business Administration and Management. Sara has worked in company administration since completing her studies and has been a member of the ISCAT team since 2013. Sara assumes the rola of office/Business Manager at ISCAT.

David Hernández

David offers administrative support in the school office and is currently taking a pre-University course in Administration and Finance. David has been a member of the ISCAT team since January 2017.

Laia Closa

Laia is Receptionist at ISCAT handling “front of house” and incoming calls. She has a joint degree in Business Administration and Innovative Management & Marketing and Digital Communities. 

Silvia López

Silvia takes care of the dining room for students in Early Years and Key Stage 1. Throughout the school day, Silvia is in constant contact with both the school office and teaching staff thus ensuring adequate provision for all dietary needs and requirements. Silvia also runs our After-School Care programme, organising a range of play-based activities to entertain those who need to stay longer at school at the end of the school day.

Agustín Porcel

Agustín is concierge and head of maintenance at ISCAT and joined the school in 2010. Agustin’s wide range of practical talents and frequent willingness to try to be in two places at once make him a central much-loved, and much sought-after figure in the day-to-day life of the school.

Vanessa Garrido

Vanessa takes care of the senior dining room (upper Primary and Secondary), collaborating closely with office and teaching staff in order to meet all dietary needs and requirements. Vanessa is housekeeper for the Xavier Calls (Secondary) building and joined the ISCAT team in May 2015.

Rosalía Coello

Rosalía is housekeeper for the Blancafort (Early Years and Key Stage 1) and Manuel Raspall (Key Stage 2) buildings and has been a member of the ISCAT team since 2013.