Emotional education


At ISCAT, the personal growth of each student is at the heart of our educational programme. We view Emotional Education as a lifelong process which should feature strongly during all of their schooling, due to its proven positive implications on physical, emotional, intellectual and social growth.

Studies carried out across three distinct cultures have proven that emotional intelligence, or learning how to manage emotions, not only has a very positive effect on academic and personal achievement in children and adolescents, but is also a better predictor of success in the workplace than either relevant previous experience or IQ.

For this reason, the subject of Emotional Education is central to ISCAT philosophy and pedagogy and is taught at all levels.

The Emotional Education programme is complemented by our Forest Schools experience and they work together to foster self-esteem, motivation, and team work. This, together with self-knowledge and the development of good decision-making skills, help our students to confidently meet life’s daily challenges both in and outside school.