Mission and Values


ISCAT offers the British National Curriculum through English and encourages the highest standards of academic achievement. All our teachers have trained and worked in similar settings in Great Britain. Catalan and Spanish are an integral part of the programme. Learning explicitly addresses intercultural awareness and social responsibility through developmentally appropriate thematic units.

The value given to each child’s personality, home language, creativity and rhythm of development is characteristic of the school’s commitment. This requires that the classroom be, for each and every child, a place of welcome, a nurturing environment, where each individual enters happily each day, confident that his or her own personality is respected and valued. From the emotional security that this affords, he or she is always ready to take the next step in their personal learning programme.

‘Scaffolding’ children’s learning forms an integral part of our practice. This demands teacher awareness of each student’s ‘zone of proximal development’ – literally, what he or she can do unaided – and then building a metaphorical ‘bridge’ or ‘scaffold’ by which, with the aid of the teacher or other practitioner, the next stage of attainment can be reached.

Regular information to parents regarding curriculum objectives and schemes of work, allows non-Anglophone students an opportunity to share at home, in their first language, that which has been studied at school, and helps consolidate learning and deepen understanding.

Respecting and stimulating the individual creativity of each student is at the heart of our philosophy, and both art and music are used as important agents in developing understanding and acquiring skills.

Learning to think and learning to learn are the cornerstones of the ISCAT programme, ensuring that children are fully prepared to take their place in an increasingly global environment.

Our school’s pedagogy therefore supports high academic achievement, intellectual, creative and emotional development for each individual child, and fosters a life long passion for learning.

The curriculum, which is compatible with the “Plan de la Generalitat”, is based on the English National Curriculum www.nc.uk.net and synthetises the best of anglophone curricula internationally.