The Big Difference



A reduced number of  students per class ISCAT is a one-form entry school, with a maximum of 18 students per class. This guarantees personalised instruction for each child. Smaller schools offer a more secure environment to the growing child, where people across the community know each other, develop relationships and where cross-age activities can be a regular feature of the programme.


The appropriate intellectual challenge for each individual. All children need to keep the flame of their natural motivation alight. To ensure this at school, it is essential that the learning programme is differentiated to meet individual needs. This means working in small groups within the class, with expectations pitched so that each learner is always at the frontier of his/her knowledge. At ISCAT teachers set tasks according to what students can do unaided, and then lead them to the next stage with their support. At ISCAT our motto is that every child is different, and every child needs the right challenge.


Learning to learn, learning  to be, learning to think. At ISCAT we aim to create independent learners and thinkers through small-group work, weekly assemblies and key questions which drive the units of enquiry, or topics, studied in each class over the course of the school year. Weekly assemblies focus directly on social issues, on our rights and responsibilities, and how to be a good citizen, as well as teaching and encouraging children how to speak in public, how to express an opinion, and defend a viewpoint. This results in learners who have developed a social conscience, show respect and tolerance for others, and demonstrate critical thinking skills when making decisions.